Each cigar is handcrafted and cured for 30 days minimum to ensure a smooth experience. Please keep in mind that our cigars are made completely out of cannabis and are extremely fragile and heat sensitive. Here are a few tips on handling and lighting your cigar

  • Handle the cigar with extreme care, do not bend or toss

  • Remove Cigar bands with scissors to prevent breaking the cigar

  • Keep out of direct sunlight, heat can warp or damage the cigar

  • Use a Torch only with igniting our cigars

  • Use a cigar cutter to preserve your cigar for future use



While smoking our awesome cannabis cigars please remember to hit it like a true cigar. Do not hit it like your average blunt or joint, form your lips firmly around the entire mouthpiece and inhale. Tips of our cigars can get HOT, forming your lips completely over the mouthpiece will provide a cool hit every time.

Last but not Least

Most important tip, ENJOY! We hope you enjoy our cannabis cigars!